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Tournament Schedule and Draws, and Results

7/17 - 7/18, 2010, saturday - sunday.

Our Goal

In the fourth year of the XiYu Open, we continue to focus our service towards the lower 80% of the badminton playing population. Like in the past two years, we set our motto, in order of importance, as: participation, friendship, competition, recreation.

While most of our participants will be BCD level players in a normal tournament, we welcome the A level players to support us by playing the tournament with the goal to have fun, instead of to win.

Events and Fees

Events::MS, MD, WS, WD, XD, and Recreation Doubles

MS, MD, XD will be divided into AB and CD flights.

WS, WD, Rec D will not have any flights

Registration Fee is $20 for the first event, and $10 per each additional event

Group A winners will receive a $100 cash prize

Prizes: Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

MS, MD, XD drop flights

players enter into AB or CD as they see best fitting their levels
after the initial random draw
winners of the first round will be placed into A or C, respectively
losers of the first round will be placed into B or D respectively
winners of second round will enter into the main bracket elimination matches.
losers of the second round will enter into the consolation bracket of the flight.
all third round play are elimination matches
this means, everyone is guaranteed 3 matches, unless you are seeded and get a bye, or your expected opponent cannot play.

WS, WD, Rec D

depending on total entries, some kind of round robin system will be played.
players will be guaranteed 3 matches.

Rec D does not distinguish the genders.

How to Register

pleaes specify your events, flights, and parters.
if you want a partner to be assigned to you, please also specify when sending the email.
Current Registrations

Venue Location

California Badminton Academy
46049 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539


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Player Bio

Age: 36
Fremont, CA

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